Air Plants

I would like to learn about growing Air Plants.  I just got 7 today and set them up in my house. Pictures below.

Air Plant Care
Also known as Tillandsia or Tillys. These plants are very unique as they just require light, water, and air, no soil.
Bright but filtered April through October. They can't be left in direct sun in the summer months as they can become sunburned.  They would like direct sun November through March.  The best place in a house is about 3 feet in front of a window. Artificial light can be used also, the light should be on for 12 hours a day.
Thoroughly wet the plant 2-3 times a week; more often in hot/dry areas, and less often in cool/humid areas. The plants should be able to dry in less than 4 hours from watering.  If the plant is still wet there is not enough air circulation. If the plant is in a dry area, misting between waterings can be beneficial.  If the plant is being held in a container that holds water make sure to empty the water out as these plants will die in standing water.
Air Circulation:
There is enough circulation and light if after waterings the plant dries in less than 4 hours.
50-90 degrees F.
Bromeliad fertilizer is best(17-8-22) twice a month.  This will help with blooming and reproduction. Other water-soluble fertilizers can be used at 1/4 strength.

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Generations of Savings said...

That is so interesting. I have never seen an air plant!

Jenn said...

What a strange plant?! I have never seen or heard of anything like that.

Sadie said...

Wow, my girls would LOVE to learn more about these.

Wendy said...

Very interesting.

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