Recycle With Me Poster

Below is part of my poster minus the pictures that I am putting in the Break Room where I work.  I hope it's okay to put up, and I hope I get a lot of Cartons, and customers!

Recycle your
Juice/Milk Cartons
with Me!

I make wallets with the cartons, to sell, and give as gifts.
I would rather not dump juice/milk down the drain just to make wallets, so I am asking for your help, and recycle your cartons with me(Ashley Pulsifer, Produce).
Any Carton brand/flavor is accepted, Please rinse thoroughly.

Special Deal!
Recycle 3 Cartons with me and get a free wallet!
My selling price is $5.00 for each.
If you would like to actually see a wallet,
come see me in Produce(on breaks only please).

Thank you!
Ashley Pulsifer

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