2 Truths, 1 Lie...Revealed!

Doing a cool Blog hop with Randomosity!

It's an Icebreaker game called "2 Truths 1 Lie"

Today I reveal the Lie!!

Lie is #1 I have a Tattoo.
I want one, just was waiting to figure out what I want, and now it's in the process of being drawn. It's going to be an Ivy sprout on the inside of my forearm, then I am going to continue it into a full arm sleeve and into my chest and back. 

#2 I have worked at the same Grocery Store since I was 16, ugh, yeah I want out, but I want to work from home, so when I am home I am working on that so when I am ready I can just quit that one job, I feel like if I move to another it will take away from the progress I have been making on working at home. When it comes a time when I need to make more money, I feel like the time will be soon, I will start looking for a new job.

#3 I have done Passion Parties, I don't do it anymore. I am doing Avon, which I can't stand! I am thinking about dropping it, almost everyone sells it, and if they don't they know someone or multiple people that do, so finding customers is hard. And the customers, I love them, but they can only afford to order like every 3 months...so I want to keep it for them, but maybe I shouldn't... And I just got into It Works! as an Independent Distributor. I still haven't gotten my kit, but I am supper excited. The main product is The Ultimate Body Applicator you can loose inches in just 45 minutes, and progressively over 72 hours.
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*Video with sound starts right off, make sure you have your sound on and at an okay volume.
**See lots of before and after pictures, and deals I am having.

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