Marimo Balls

My next unique plants are...Marimo Balls!

I just ordered some and they should be here before the end of the month!!

Marimo "Mary-Mo" means seaweed ball. Its a green algae that grows into balls. Marimo is native to Japan, and were brought home to be put in glass jars for good luck, and also good love.

They are slow growing, but can reach 10 inches in diameter. They are good for controlling algae in fish tanks, and they out-compete other algae for nutrients, so it starves the other algae in the tank.  They require little space and care. They don't feed fertilizer, or sunlight. It just needs to be rinsed off now and then, some tapping to keep it's round shape, and new water every one to two weeks. More frequently in summer, less in winter.  If it gets really hot put it in the fridge. Can survive in temperatures as low as 25 degrees, but don't freeze.

 All fish can live with them, even algae eaters will leave it alone!

They are known to rise and sink in water, rolling in water, and responding to light.

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